Reykjavík: five and one tips for good coffee places

New city, new coffee enjoyment. In the last years, Reykjavík is living the second coffee boom. There are new coffee roasters and many places to go and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Every place has its own spirit and something different to offer.

Sometimes it is inspirational environment somewhere else it is absolutely delicious coffee.  It does not matter if you are coming for a week road trip or even shorter time, you can pick one of these six coffee places near the city centre and enjoy yourself. The coffee prices are almost everywhere the same. Espresso cost 450 ISK and more. Latté or Cappuccino about 600-800 ISK. And beware that in many places they are closed on Sunday.


Emilie and the Cool Kids

The cosy coffee place with absolutely delicious cookies. You can stop by for a light breakfast or lunch. I am suggesting you happy our time, buy two cookies and get one free. Coffee was good but not great. I had black Americano. Sugar, milk and water are free to use on a coffee table and you can serve yourself.  The wifi is fast and if you skip morning time with mothers and kids and evening time with tourist you can find a peaceful place for work. This place is a franchise, one of seven branches around Europe.

  • wifi
  • coffee above average
  • cookies, juices, light food
  • veg alternatives
  • closed on Sundays
  • @emiliesreykjavik

Mo-Fri: 8-16, Sar: 9-17, Hverfisgata 98, 101 Reykjavik


Emilie and the kids

Emilie and the kids from outside

Emilie and the Kids coffee

Emilie and the Kids inside



If you are in the mood to drink coffee, listen to muted music and look through a big window on the street, then visit Bismút. This space is also a small gallery of local artists and is very new at the Reykjavík coffee scene. Coffe was delicious, cappuccino with rich crema. I was a bit surprised by the size of Latte which was served in a small Ikea glass but tasted very good. You can buy sweets such as muffins, croissants and cookies.

  • very good coffee, I recommend cappuccino
  • cookies, muffins and croissants
  • closed on Sunday
  • art as a bonus
  • @bismutreykjavik

Mo-Sat: 8-17, Hverfisgata 82, Reykjavík


Bismut Reykjavík, cappuccino

Bismůt, Reykjavík, latté

Bismut from outside

Kaffi Vínyl

If I should name one hipster place in Reykjavík, Kaffi Vínil is the winner. It is the first place in the whole Iceland to be completely vegan. You can stop by for coffee, sweets or full lunch. The kitchen is closing at 22:00 and every day between 16-19 there is a happy hour. The staff is very nice and not only in the evenings local DJ are playing the old vinyl records. You can also buy vinyl records here or take some for free. Coffe was so-so but this place is worth to visit.

  • wifi
  • so-so coffee
  • vegan completely
  • music events
  • @kaffivinyl

Mo-Fri: 8-28, Sat: 10-23 a Sun: 11-23, Hverfisgata 76, 101 Reykjavík



Kaffi Vínyl amerciano

Kaffi Výnil vinil record

Kaffi Výnil inside

Vegan kaffi Výnil

Kaffi Výnil outdise

Café Haiti

This place is own by a woman originally from Haiti, madame Elda. She worked on coffee plantation since she was small so she is very attached to coffee. Her restaurant is a very cosy place and you can enjoy more than regurlar coffee. Try for example Turkish or Arabic coffee.  They import the coffee right from Haiti and roast it in-house. You can also taste some local specialities. This place is in port so they offer mainly fish dishes such as a fish soup, or Haiti specialities such as a Haiti chicken.

  • great Americano
  • Icelandic and Haitian specialities
  • @CafeHaiti

Mo-Fri: 8-18, Sat-Sun: 9-18, Geirsgata 7b, 101 Reykjavík


Cafe Haiti Reykjavík Americano

Kafé Haiti Reykjavík, dekoration

Kafe Haiti Reykjavík, interior

Cafe Haiti outside

Rejkavik Roaster

For me, this was the very first place to drink coffee in Reykjavík. Not far from the famous church of Hallgrímskirkja at the city centre, the coffee is roasted in front of your eyes. tourist love this place but you can find a lot of locals here too. The coffee is prepared not only on espresso machine but you can enjoy coffee from Chemex, Aeropress or V60 dripper. You can buy all these alternative coffee machines here so as freshly roasted coffee. You can choose from normal, almond or soy milk. And if you are in the mood you can play their vinyl records.

  • alternative coffee options such as Aeropress, Chemex, V60 an others
  • vegan alternatives to milk
  • small snacks
  • @ReykjavikRoasters

Mo-Fri: 8-18, Sat-Sun: 9-17, Kárastígur 1, 101 Reykjavík


Rejkavik Roaster roasting coffee


Rejkavik Roaster cappuccino

Rejkavik Roaster interior

Rejkavik Roaster outside

+ one more Rejkavik Roaster

Reykjavik Roasters has two branches pretty close to each other with different atmosphere and spirit. The second one on Brautarholt is recalling me some coffee place from Prague, such as Vnitroblock, Místo and Café 1. A lot of people works here on computers, chat together discuss their projects. This place is pretty alive. Many coffee and tea choices. And I might say I had the best cappuccino right here.

  • wifi
  • delicious coffee
  • alternative coffee options such as Aeropress, Chemex, V60 an others
  • @ReykjavikRoasters

Po-Pá: 8-18, So-Ne: 9-17, Brautarholt 2, Brautarholt, Reykjavík


Rejkavik Roaster second place cappuccino


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