Tip: cafe Živa a creative space with coffee and very good food

Czech Republic: The town of Libochovice lies in the centre of the triangle of towns Louny, Litoměřice and Slaný. About an hour ride from Prague. Besides monuments such as a large Baroque chateau with large gardens and countless sculptures and godships spread all over the city, there is another reason to go here – the cafe Živa.

A place for a pleasant stop

Cafe Živa, which is located on the square 5. května, is very peaceful space and place where you can hide from the daily rush. The interior is very well reconstructed. Only natural materials are used. Such as wood, stones or clay paster. And it definitely initiates your creativity with decorations like small Buddha statuette, small waterfall or view in the meditative garden. By the way, Ladislav, the owner of the cafe lives in the flat above and if you would have a chance to join one of the yoga seminars in his apartment, do not hesitate. I think his apartment is mister piece.


In the cafe, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or you can have a very good meal. They cook with local fresh ingredients and the recipes are based on Ayurveda cuisine. Ladislav is collecting food inspirations on his travels around India. And what we tried, it is delicious.


In the back, they have herb garden which is also a space for meditations and relaxations. And if you come on a bike, you can use their shower to refresh.


That is not all. As they say “In every city, cafe used to be a place of creativity. Like family living room. And we believe we can fulfil this mission again.” They regularly organise seminars and courses. For example some of the latest ones: the course of cooking aphrodisiac food, music meeting to celebrate equinox, workshop: how to make clay paster or secondhand market Votoč ohoz.

They are open during the weekends, but you can contact them for weekdays reservations. The minimum is 7 people.


Check their Facebook. 


Kavárna Živa, Libochovice

Dekorace, živá voda

Zadní prostor kavárny Živa

Výhled do meditační zahrady

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