Review: are Five Fingers the right choice for you?

The Five Finger shoes attract attention wherever you go. No chance you can ignore them. It is not about fashion, or how you look, it is more about how you walk in them. Are they suitable for those who prefer barefoot style? Are they suitable for running, hiking and daily use?

How they fit

Taking on Five Fingers is a bit more complicated than classic shoes. Very fast you will get used to it and it will become very easy. People with high instep will enjoy these shoes. They are flexible. You can adjust them with two straps. One is placed on top of the shoe and the second go around your heel.  I had shoes one size bigger. Which I did not notice at all during walks and running.  I only noticed when descending the mountains as my little finger got out from its place very often.


Five Fingers

Injinji ponožky


Aren you cold?

I was surprised by the warmth of Five Fingers. I only took my socks once and this is, by the way, a good note. Classic socks will be useless to you. You’ll need five-finger socks. I was recommended  Injinji by people in the ultramarathon community. The advantage is that you can take such socks to your normal boots and at least my experience is, that during long runs you will not suffer from blisters between fingers. What caused me open blisters and the blemished heel was the mistake not taking my socks when I hiked in the mountains. Also, small stones often felt in the shoes. In this situation, you have to take the shoe off. And that is irritating. Long trousers or sleeves help.


Five Fingers s návleky

The sole holds well. The only exception is the muddy surface. But due to the profile of sole, it is totally understandable. This model was meant for the gym and not mountains. When I climbed down the hill, my foot often travelled forward. Perhaps it had something to do with the size of the shoe (one size bigger) but I am afraid that it is a phenomenon that would happen anyway.


Five Fingers na sněhu


Even though these shoes are primarily designed for fitness by the manufacturer, I run a lot in them and also walked many kilometres with very comfy feeling. For me, the outsole was too thick and I was a bit irritated by the oversized chamber for my little finger. While running, you need to watch the style all the time. In the beginning, you might place your feet from the big toe. Soon or later your calves will hurt and you’ll correct your style a bit and run more at your centre foot. I do not run over my heel and if you do, forget about that style of running in these shoes. You can wash Five Fingers in a washing machine on a soft program. Unfortunately, the ornaments glued to the shoe were gone after one washing cycle. Also, the inner space of shoe was never as bright as new.


In many ways, I did enjoy these shoes. Running in them was easy and smooth. And I am a little sorry I did not have Five Fingers with a slightly softer sole. The shoes were quite massive and I would choose a lighter and more breathable model of my size. The foot was not tired after the whole day walking. The shoe perfectly wrapped your heel. If you are used to walking barefoot, it will be a big luxury for you. If you want to try the Five Finger shoes or walk through a minimalist style, I can recommend your Vibram Five Fingers shoes. The foot works and the fingers are not limited. Enjoy the freedom!


Model: Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport/Men
Weight: 190g
Maximum thickness: 8 mm
polyester + nylon


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