What is Patreon and why I joined

When I announced that I am planning to make my profile on Patreon, almost everyone asked me what it Patreon? That’s why I decided to write a bit about how this platform works and why I decided to join.

Possible by you

Patreon is just like well known Kickstarter a crowdfunding platform. What does it mean? Imagine you have some business plan or you have a project in your mind, but you do not have enough money. Instead of taking a loan or finding sponsors you have the possibility to collect money from people.  First, you have to clearly describe your intention. For what are you collecting money, how you will use this money and how much do you want to collect. People might give you money just for their good feeling, but more often as a creator, you set several rewards. I like this idea. It means your fans are more or less creating together with you. You can build a community rather than collecting consumers. Patrons do it voluntarily and they can choose how much they want to support you or appreciate your work.


Why is Patreon different

Most of the crowdfunding platforms are suitable for one campaign. You make a project, you set the exact amount of money you are collecting plus you have limited time to collect the money. But Patreon is about long-term support. Patrons can support you on monthly basis or they pay for every creation. For example a song, story, image, video etc. It is up to every patron how much he wants to give you and it is up to you to choose which content will be paid. Also, every patron can choose the maximum amount. That means if you as a creator produce four videos in a month, they can choose to pay you just for two.

Even setting the goal works differently. On Patreon you as a creator set up several goals, not only one. For example, my first goal is to reach $ 100 per creation and that means internet connection for me. My second goal is $ 250 per creations and that will allow me to focus on finding more nice places for you, start upgrading my gear and focus on the quality content you would like. You can also find some creators who set the goal on a specific number of patrons.


Why I decided to join Patreon 

When I started talking about buying a van my friend Petra told me, I should do a crowdfunding campaign.  That seems a bit silly for me. Why would people want to buy me a car? Later I started to think about it a bit and Patreon comes into my mind. I like the idea behind I also support a bit someone on Patreon plus it is more about community and interactions with fans than other social platforms. I would also like to turn what I like into stable income. My dream is to build a community of people who are inspired by what I do and who can inspire me back. Being on Patreon and making money through this platform can give me all the freedom I need to do a good job as a travel video maker and blogger. I would be pleased if you visit my Patreon page:  www.patreon.com/shenekesa. And I have to admit I would be more than happy if you decide to drop a bit into my ocean of dreams.

For inspiration

I love watching Sail life. This Danish guy is rebuilding his sailboat called Athena. His videos are high quality and rich in information. The creator Kombi life has been through some serious evolution. If you compare the videos at the beginning and now, you can see what people just like you and me can help to do.  And well, my favourite Uma. Jiří showed me this couple and since then I enjoy their adventures. Maybe you would too.


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