How it all begun and my long journey starting my own blog

It took me almost a year. Finding my own place in the life I was living now with Jiří. After ten months I finally bought the right domain and started. Slowly. because I had all the feeling I am not able to write and that no one is interested in what I am experiencing. 

It also took me that long because paddling is really exhausting me. We also had little tensions between me and Jiří and at that moment I am not able to be creative and feel very tired. I was also waiting for the right moment. Wait! I am living with a man who started his journey because he had experienced that the right moment might never come!


Journey and project are both processes 

Our journey is a process. And the beginning of She on kayak is also a seeking. What should I write? How often? And am I sure I am not building it on Jiří’s project? Well, one for sure. This blog is about my own feelings. project Kayak Around Europe started long ago and I am for now part of it. It has its own spirit and I will support it. Yet I have a strong urge to write.

To be honest I will not write completely everything. There are situations which are complicated, hard and personal. But I aim to give you an insight what is it to be a girl with no previous experiences and travelling like this.


Sleeping on the beach in Italy


The journey you can’t imagine

Longer I am on the road I see how admirable is what Jiří has done. How far he paddled. In the beginning, I was not able to imagine how it will be like. I had only my naive visions. For example I did not expect to be cold. Also, the distance is huge. Half of the Globe circuit (20 000 kilometres). I do not how about you but for me the number is  inconceivable. I have feeling we already saw so much. That every kilometre is different.


Me in kayak for the first time


I am sure people we talk to can’t understand how big this journey is and how challenging it is. The conversation is usually like this:

Wey: We are kayaking around whole Europe coast in a sea kayaks.

They: You mean by rivers?

We: No, on a sea.

They: And Italy from where.

We: Actually Jiri started two years ago in Prague

They: Praga? But how? …

And also many people keep asking. How do we make money? What about our parents. What about our own family. How far we can paddle in a day. Where are the most friendly people? There are answers to all questions. But it is very interesting then no one asked me how I can handle living that much out of box and how are my opinions changing. Because that is the interesting part.


Preparing breakfast


Right now I am thinking why people go on vacation to the North part of Italy. Seriously the see is starting to be nice somewhere around Porto San Giorgio. And why are people complaining all the time? And why they collect so many stuff which they do not need and use. Why do they not care where the garbage comes? For sure paddling long hours is better for this can running.


In Italy

The test of partnership and person itself

To be honest this is the first time I am experiencing so intense relationship. And it is not easy for me. I am used to having my own time. Travel alone. Roam the streets and make decisions only on my own. The same for Jiří. Our first conversation was how amazing it is to travel alone. That you can be alone with yourself and go deep inside of you. Our travels are here to teach me more than just travel diferently. It is here to teach me how to travel together. Once we learn how to do that, it will be indescribable.

I still believe our meeting was not a coincidence. When I think about everything that leads to that meeting. I thank you Jiří that through you I can do what I love. Travel, do photographs and write.


* She on kayak become She Nekesa. I realised I want to write about different topics and all my travels.

Italian beach

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