Hiking though the Šumava National Park, day 3.

In the evening Gabina asked me to wake her up in the morning. From the two of us, I am the early bird. You can imagine my shock and disorientation at half-past 4 a.m. when she woke me up. “Niki everything is wet it is raining inside my tent. There is plenty of water in, my stuff is even floating!” I am borrowing her my raincoat so she can build a temporary shelter from her poncho.


Ráno po propršený noci


Dryer in the hotel saved us

It was very clear that her light cycling tent was not good enough to handle not even strong but few hours lasting rain. She is wet up and down. All her clothes and sleeping bag. Plus it is not that warm during the night. Unfortunately, there is no place to hide. We really miss just a small wooden roof where she could hide now. Temporary camping sites do not have them at all. She must wait until the morning so we can do something about it. I recommended her to build a small shelter from her poncho next to the table.

Early in the morning I made a hot soup and borrowed her my thermo clothes, jumper and jacket. I have to say I know exactly how she is feeling it reminds me of some situations during the autumn and winter while travelling on a sea kayak. The weather is not good to dry her clothes with a sun. It is drizzling a bit. I thought some restaurants might have an open fire like they do in a winter. So we could dry her clothes next to the fire. This did not work too.

Finally, one lady in a small shop recommended us Hotel Modrava that they should have a dryer. And they were so kind to help us and let her clothes and sleeping bag dry in a machine. For the rest, they borrowed us a hairdryer. In an about two hours we are ready to hit the road again. And Gabina is very happy she did not have to end her trip here.


Temporary campsite Modrava

Rainy day at Modrava

Drying our stuff in Modrava hotel


Very soon I felt a lot of pain in my toe. In Info centre I bought a sewing kit because I was pretty sure I will have to pierce my toe. My toe is so big I barely fit into my shoes. Plus I kicked myself right into the toe. The pain is unreal. So the first stop is just 4 kilometres behind Modrava. Today we are not in a hurry. We will not walk further than to the closest temporary camping site.


On the road to the Vltava river spring

Vltava river spring


From the Vltava river spring to Bučina

After descending to Vltava spring there is no one. On one blog I found information about better spring, more up than the touristic one. There should be the best water. Unfortunately, I did not find it. And I kicked into the toe one more time. I am so Inconspicuous! We have just a little bit more than 3 kilometres to the camping, there is no need to rush. After reaching the top of another hill we are enjoying the wonderful view and last warm sun rays of the day.

Sleeping under the stars

When we reached Bučina they were already some tents. We decided to sleep under the roof just across the road. This place was amazing. Just before the sunset golden rays shined on the opposite meadow. We were preparing places to sleep and dinner. And I pierced my toe to get all the fluid out. What a relief! The night was fantastic. The stars were so bright. After some time we realised we are not the only one there. Mouses have eaten a bit of Gabinas shoes. We decided to put our sleeping bags under the stars and our bags on the bench.

We lied under the stars watching them fall and felt phenomenal.

Distance: 14 K

Elevation: 441 m


Temporary campsite Bučina


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