Hiking though the Šumava National Park, day 2.

I was sleeping very well. The first night in the sleeping bag I will use in the Pyrenees was better than expected. I was even so warm that I had to open my sleeping bag during the night. In the morning I am awakened by the sun into a beautiful view into a green forest. I am a bit lazy until the sun rays touch me.


Morning in my sleeping bag


Salty breakfast and morning sun

Gabina is more sleepy than me. But in the end, she also finds her way out of the sleeping bag. I’m trying to charge my power bank and the watch by solar panels. I’m happy how well it goes and it is probably for the last time during this journey. I feel quite an uncomfortable feeling in right foot after yesterday’s descendants. It turns out that the boots that have served me for over six years can be no longer used. Over a year I’ve been walking more or less barefoot and my foot has stretched. And I also did not cut my fingernails properly. It was never necessary but this time it made me a lot of trouble. I was thinking if I am able to finish this trip.

“Soup or porridge?” “Soup.” I definitely enjoy salty breakfast more. We’re trying to put everything back in our bags. And then we started our second day of marching. We are not far from Lake Laka. The last lake we will see on this trek. We do not stay long. The peak of Poledník is not far. We are drinking our water fast and there is no more left. At one point I had to take a break. My foot is in pain. I am changing shoes and for the rest of the day, I walk in my barefoot sandals. In this place, we met an older man with his granddaughter who gave us tomato, pepper and cucumber. I love it, fresh vegetables and fruits are always a problem on the road.


Laka lake - Šumava

My feet in huarache barefoot sandals


Absolutely stunning view from Poledník

Gábina was assuring few times if I can walk in my sandals well. I am used to them. So it is ok. The only problem is the weight on my back and once I broke the shoes. Fortunately, the repair takes only a few minutes. You simply have pull string out, make a new knot and secure the knot with fire.

We found nice, cold and tasty spring before reaching the top of the hill. The only chance to fill out bottles. By accident I did pull out part of my camelback and water is floating into my bag. Unpleasant situation. At the Poledník we took a long break. Kofola, beer and some food. I went up the tower for the great view of Šumava hills.


Goal Zero solar pannels

View fro Poledník

View from Poledník


We have to hurry up. The weather forecast is not good for tonight. The second part of the paths was on asphalt and the first 4 kilometres downhill. Gabina is complaining about her knee and my toe hurts. We did one more stop before reaching Modrava. I was getting slower and slower. More than 14 kilometres in barefoot sandals is too much with the heavy backpack. In the end, I walk like a duck. The landscape around us changes. It looks like we are in Scandinavia.


The road to Modrava

Roklanský stream

First night in shelter


Our first official temporary overnight campsite is not the most beautiful one. It is a small place with root and no toilet. After building tents we stop for one drink in the brewery. We sad huge lighting in the sky. Not good for us. The rain comes shortly we reach the camp and get inside our tents. This night will be very interesting after all.

Distance: 26 K

Elevation: 588 m

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