Hiking though the Šumava National Park, day 1.

For a while, I am not kayaking. There is a simple reason behind. I decided to go and fulfil one of my dreams, walk the Pyrenees from the ocean to the sea. And because I do not have any experience with longer hikes I went for a week trip with the goal hike the Šumava National Park with my friend. This trek goes from one end of Šumava National Park to the other and it takes at least 5 days to finish. It was a perfect occasion to test all my equipment and be sure I am ready for long walking.


Me and Gábina on the train station


Another last minute packaging

The journey started actually the day before. I bought the camera I was dreaming about a long time. And after I met my uncle and we chat for a while. Well for a long while. So I did not manage to pack in the evening. I woke up at 4 a.m. and was trying to put everything I was sure I need into my backpack. Very quickly I realized my 28l bag is not big enough and many things were pulled out again…another t-shirt…hammock…towel…In the end, I was so late I did not even manage to take a quick shower. Šumava is not far away but the train connection is not straight and it takes more than 3 hours to get there. I was pretty sure I will sleep on the way. But surprisingly I did not. We talked all the all the way and makes jokes about our heavy backpacks.


Train station Hojsova stráž


By my mistake, we got off the train one station later than needed. Only two of us, our backpacks and one old man were standing on the platform. The man was watching us and after he was sure we have no idea where to go he wanted to help: “Where are you ladies going?” “Well, we are going to Lipno.” I smiled at him. In one second his face turned into disorientation “Oh my! But you are in a wrong place! Lipno is far far away.” I calmed him down. “We want to walk there that is ok.” But he was still in a shock. Why we did not go there by train…?


Lost for the first time

It was getting warm so took off my sweatshirt and I put solar panels on my backpack. I found that I am missing the camera strap and it meant small complication during the whole journey. Our backpacks were really heavy and we tried many positions to get some relief. And while we walked and talked we lost tourist marks. Unbelievable. Getting lost for an hour our first day is really amusing! We turned and walked back and after we saw where we got lost we had to laugh. The mark was so visible.


Place of pilgrimage Křížkov

Selfie in the woods


The lakes

I am not able to remember when I visited the lakes for the last time. I think it was during my primary school. And Gabina has never visited them. When we reached Black lake (Černé jezero) we took a break. Eating with ducks and relaxing for a while we were pretty sure we are not going to make it before the sunset to our first camp. The views were incredible and water was so clean. After this nice refreshing moment, we had to climb really steep hill between the lakes. I was shocked. I can remember narrow romantic path in the forest. Instead, there is a wide road straight through. And I can also remember the path from Devils Lake (Čertovo jezero) to Železná Ruda with more than hundreds steps. Again new wide road was build and many trees were cut down.


The dukcs on the lake

Black lake


Our first day ends with starts

Descending from the hills made us tired. I stopped smiling and I needed a break. We bought a coke in a Vietnamese shop and started our walk up once more. At another crossroad Železná Ruda – Debrník we took one last break. The sun was going down fast. My legs suffered so I freed them for a while. Gábina was talking about how happy she will be to put the heavy backpack down. The sign showed us 3,5 K but it was a never-ending hill. The longest hill ever. Gabina was trekking it with an app and she told me that it was around 6 K. It was getting dark and we were almost broken. We were walking by a description of a man who did this walk too. At the end of our trip, we were pretty sure he is not a human. We did not found the camp so we decided to sleep under the shelter. It was an amazing night with bright stars under our heads and silence around us. Very incredible moment.


Distance: 33 K

Elevation: 1 326 m


never ending hill

Sunset in the woods

Our dinner outside

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