Hiking though the Šumava National Park, day 4.

For this day of our hike through Šumava we planned a long journey. We will be approaching the point where we want to end our hike. Another hiker told us that we have to stop at hotel Alpská vyhlídka to ask them for water. The spring where we wanted to take water is dry.

We are quite fast with packing and ready to leave soon. We stop at the hotel to ask them for water. The restaurant is closed but the stuff was surprised where we go, wished us a good luck and gave us all the water we needed. Next to the hotel is a permanent installation of a military wall which cut our country from outside world. Even it is only an installation it is pretty scary. I am happy to live in a free world.


Sharp fence as a memory of history


Next part of the journey was the most beautiful from our hike. No asphalt only narrow path with old trees on the sides. I was looking around. All over this place used to be houses. Only the heap of stones can show where these houses where. On a place called Knížecí Pláně is an old but still maintained cemetery. And ruins of an old church. Now only old coat of arms remains. We continued to place called Stodůlky. Over 500 people used to live here. Now only old path and few. This part was really breathtaking.


Church at Knížecích Pláních

The road to old village Stodůlky


The beauty of nature and a desperate border town

After this point, there is again asphalt. We were looked forward to being in Strážný. The last 3,5 kilometres were longer again. And when we reached temporary camping site we realised there is no shop. So we decided to descend into Strážný town. To have warm lunch and find water. Because another hiker told us there is no water further to our night camping.

We were pretty shocked by this town. Full of nightclubs and Vietnamese shops. Really ugly place. We stopped in one very local and inexpensive restaurant for a lunch. The short break helped us but we still had a long way. Gábina bought bread and homemade pistachio ice cream. Pretty expensive for this place.


Lost in the forest

Neschůdná žlutá značka


Lost again

And then we are lost again. We decided not to go back the same easy way. But tried to circumvent the hill. Well. I thought we can make it. But no. So we were lost in a wood, climbing small rocks, walking in high blueberries. And then we found yellow touristic mark! In the middle of nowhere! Well, lumberjacks decided to cut some trees in the middle of the touristic season so there was only one way to go. Luckily we reached our red mark again and continued in the right direction. In this areas lot of people smuggled other people to Germany in the communist period. We can’t imagine that. A dark forest full of frontiers mans with dogs. My toe is hurting again so we made one more stop. Our last 3,5 kilometres are the longest again.


Mlaka crossroad


After the sun goes down it is pretty cold. We took warm clothes and made dinner. I had to pierce my toe again. We are talking about our next day.

Distance: 34 K

Elevation: 620 m


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