Equipment for an indefinite period

I was thinking about it one day. I knew I was at the point that my life is going to change. Not because I was desperately unhappy. I only had a feeling that I am not living my life to full. So I asked him ” Can I join you?” He answered me pretty fast and said simply “Yes.” I was even ready for no. I was sure I will hit the road anyway.

People are good

I had no idea what I will need. So I asked Jiří to make a list for me. First of all, it was important to find kayak. We asked the same company which provided a kayak for Jiří. Wit no luck. So we asked Czech companies with the same result. In the end, our friend Pája gave me his kayak! Thank you very much Pája.

I beside kayak I needed spray skirt, life vest, jacket, paddle, whistle, security rope, water pump, neoprene hat, T-shirt with UV protection, neoprene socks, sunglasses and much more. Because of our budget, I did not have every item from the list when we were leaving Czech.

I was given two life vests. One from Jiří’s friend Syndey from the USA and the second was from Jiří’s friend Tony. He also gave me spray skirt. And Sydney gave me a jacket. Thank you very much, Syndey and Tony!


Boys repairing my new kayak

My new kayak

finding the way on the sea


Cooperation which never happened

In the beginning, I was using Jiří’paddle. Security rope was too expensive so I made my own following Jiří’s instructions. Until now it is like new. We asked Czech well-known company called Hiko if they can provide us with some smaller items. Such as dry bags, water pump, neoprene hat and socks, T-shirt with UV protection. In the beginning, it looked like they are interested. But then they stopped answering our e-mails. So we went through our list and bought just what was necessary.


Handmade rescue rope

Rope for drying clothes


For now, I was able to paddle. Only problem was I did not have a sleeping bag and other camping stuff. Jiří’s sponsor, Czech outdoor company Pinguin was so generous and provided this equipment for me. Now I had a softshell jacket, hoodie, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. I was ready to go.

I did not have a camera, but Jiří had two of them. He also gave me some of his waterproof Pelican boxes. He also had huge medicine box, knives, tent, cooking equipment, external charger. My only concern now was how I can pack all I need in 5 meters long kayak.

All I need


Forever I will remember all the support

It took us almost two months to collect everything I needed. Two very hectics months. For me, it was a new experience. Ask for help and support. I was not aware that this is already part of my journey. For sure I did not have enough money for all I needed. Jiří supported me and took hic financial reserve. That much he wanted me to be part of his journey at that moment. Thank you Jiří. I also sold my bike. But without the support from others, it would be impossible to go that soon.

Many people helped us to start paddling together. It is very hard for me to explain the feelings I have. The gratitude for them all. They are the one who made it possible.

This period of time gave me the wisdom and certainty that in my life I will try as much as I can to help others in achieving their dreams. The truth is we are not able to achieve thing alone. Sometimes only nice words can help. Sometimes it is a smile or shows interest. Sometimes it is about giving the gear you no longer need. People are good. I am sure about it.

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