I'm Nekesa. I travelled solo around Kenya for six months, paddled 1000 K in a sea kayak, went to walk the Pyrenees and did downhill in British Columbia. Simply I love to travel in a different way.

Right now I am in Switzerland   

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Do you know Kickstarter? A crowdfunding platform which allows creators to collect money for their project. Well, Patreon is also crowdfunding platform but Instead of collecting money once it's an opportunity to support the creators regularly. I have been thinking about Patreon for a long time. My head was full with doubts. Can I do it? Will anyone be interested? Can I contribute regularly? And now I've said ENOUGH! Regular support, even a small one, will give me the freedom to do what I love and what you enjoy. Search for places with good coffee, show you how and where I travel... Check out the video I edited to promote my channel.

YAY and my profile is www.patreon.com/shenekesa


My notes, reviews, tips...all in one place.

She nekesa

What is Patreon and why I joined

When I announced that I am planning to make my profile on Patreon, almost everyone asked me what it Patreon? That’s why I decided to write a bit about how this platform works and why I decided to join.

Aegina-water tank

Aegina island: the place where the best pistachio grows

I am looking at Aegina every day from my terrace. Sometimes it is clearly visible and I can recognize the town of Vagia on the coast. At other times it is not visible at all because of the haze and at night I watch the shimmering lights. At first, I thought I was looking at the other side of the Saronic Gulf, maybe the Peloponnesian peninsula. But then I saw the map and I decided to the one-day trip to the Aegina island.

She Nekesa, kayaking in Venice

Experience Venice in a different way – on a sea kayak!

Who was not in Venice is planning to go. And who has visited Venice is planning to come back once. It is a destination where you can get quite cheap tickets. Either for a bus or for a plane. And I dare to say that many of you want to try the Gondola. Well, what if you can avoid this tourist trap and enjoy this unique city in a unique way and have much more fun? Spring is here, and I that reminds me that you can paddle through Venice on a sea kayak.

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"I don't want to settle. I love to roam over the prairies. There I feel free and happy, but when we settle down we grow pale and die.
Santana, Kiowa Chief

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